Yesterday I helped run a charity tournament. Today I taste pennies.
The tournament was at Dragon’s Keep in Provo, UT. The charity is RiteCare of Utah, and they are a worthy cause. Their description from the website:
“We help children with all types of learning challenges related to speech and language. We are dedicated to helping children become more successful in their home and school settings by empowering them to reach their full educational and social potential.”

I wrote the tournament. It’s part of the Moving Shadow Campaign for my Echoes of Heaven setting. We had a problem with GM turnout, so I ended up running the second round multiple times (it’s the one that takes the most familiarity with the material.) It was fun. I burned a lot of energy. I ate enough that I should be up 8-10 pounds today in water weight. I’m only up five. So it was good times.

Dragon’s Keep is doing two more tournaments this summer. The are in 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. They are also doing other events such as card tournaments. Their goal is to raise enough money to sponsor a child’s entire course through the RiteAid program. It’s a worthy cause. The next tournament is June 22-23. If you’re within driving distance of Provo, you should join us. I might GM you for a round.

Oh, and the entire time, Death be Cliché was #13 in Humorous Fantasy on Amazon. So there’s that.

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