Who are you and where do you call home right now?

Hi, my name is Anne. I live in Southern California, in the Palm Springs area.

Tell us about your latest book: your inspiration for it, how you got through your most difficult challenge in writing it, and what you love about it?

My recent release is called Creature of the Night. I’m kind of fascinated with how people behave on reality tv, and the culture of becoming famous for behaving badly. I liked the idea of the contestants having something really worthwhile at stake, so to speak. I think the biggest challenge was figuring out how far was too far to take it. And conversely, worrying that I hadn’t taken it far enough.

What are a few of your hobbies?

Reading, napping, and tequila.

If you had your own food truck, what would it serve?

Potatoes prepared in all different ways. Baked, fries, tots, mashed, whatever.

What do you want to get better at doing, writing-wise?

Being disciplined.

What TV series are you into right now and why?

Supernatural. Because, Scoobynatural.

What movie do you quote the most?

Gone with the Wind.

What do you collect, even a little bit? Tell us about your favorite one.

Magnets. My current favorite has the Groucho Marx quote, “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

What’s your preferred genre of book when you just want to escape?

I wouldn’t say I have a clear preference. I read most genres. It depends on my mood.

What do you like to do on vacation?

Be lazy. Read. Nap. In exotic locations. Total waste of money.

Is there another genre you’ve been itching to write in?

When I read something amazing, it makes me want to write in that genre. It’s usually temporary.

What unusual object do you like to bring with you if you leave the house?

A spare voodoo doll. In case someone is rude to me.

If you had a champion racing pigeon, what would you name it and what would its tagline be?

Myrtle. Myrtle needs no tagline.

Finally, give us one recommendation for something - movie, TV, game, food - that you enjoyed recently.

Thoroughbreds. Fantastic movie.

About Creature of the Night

What promises to be the most sensational season yet of the controversial reality show Creature of the Night is about to premiere. The competition will be fierce and the challenges bloody because the twelve contestants are competing for more than a check and a bit of fame; they are competing for immortality.

To earn it, they will vie for survival before an audience that lurks like a pack of fiends, ready to repay any sign of weakness with jeering applause. At the same time, they must impress a panel of vampire judges, the most approachable of whom is a nightmare out of history. But the real predators are the producers.

While the audience looks forward to brutal good times, the contestants gear up to be their most outrageous, watchable selves. They have come to live, and to die. Their ranks include an intellectual desperate for more time, a vampire rights advocate on the verge of disillusionment, and a ballerina who thinks she has nothing to lose.

Under scrutiny from the bickering vampires and bloodthirsty audience, the competitors must navigate potentially lethal challenges and, if they ever hope to become undead, stay alive.

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