b, blog, a to z challenge, book tears, booktears, funnyIt’s for Booktears people. We’ve all had that book that we were so involved in the story, so connected with the characters, that our feels go into overdrive and salty water just seems to fall from our eyes for no reason at all. These are called booktears, and yes, they happen in the most awkward places. Check out some of our favorites lately-

At work, listening to an audiobook while programming.

-Ian Hiatt, Death of an Assassin

Reading Goblet of Fire on public transit isn’t a good idea. I just have bad season allergies.  

-Little Great Reads

I was on a plane to New york from London, bawling my eyes out during ‘We are all Completely Beside Ourselves’. My partner touched me subtly on the arm and mouthed ‘you okay?’ and I had to confess it was the book!

-S.D. Wasley, Downfall

I’ve cried in public over a book too many times to count. I don’t get bothered. I just sniff loudly and tell everyone who walks by what a great book it is, as they scurry away from me tossing worried looks over their shoulders.

-Amy Bearce, Fairy Keeper

booktears, booknerd, book,

In line at the DMV

-Epic Reads

New Year’s Eve. 11:30pm. Crying over Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. My boyfriend & his friends laughed and laughed and laughed…

-Jessica Gunn, Gyre

Crying in a supermarket cafe as I typed the last sentence of the first draft of Unhappenings

-Edward Aubry, Unhappenings

I used to hide fiction books behind my textbooks in school. I was reading one of the Blue is for Nightmares series by Laurie Faria Stolarz and my favorite character died. I broke down in tears and had to admit I was not as enthralled by the geometry lesson as it seemed.

-Nikki Tetreault, CQ Marketing

I got to a certain section of LOOKING FOR ALASKA and started bawling so hard, I had to go to the bathroom just to calm down. Talk about awkward.

-Vicki Leigh Catch Me When I Fall

I teach middle school and during my prep period one day at school, I was sneaking in a few pages of a book I was reading in the kindle app on my phone. I was blind-sided by a tragic turn of events and cried. My next class walked in to find me putting away my phone and wiping my eyes. Those poor kids probably thought I was having a breakdown or a personal crisis.

-Samantha Bryant, Going Through The Change

It wasn’t me, but I had a friend call me REALLY PISSED OFF because I had recommended THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and she read it in public and… you know what happened.

-Ann M Noser, How to Date Dead Guys

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