About Zarconian Island

My stomach knotted tighter, winding so hard it hurt.
Kate watched me, rubbing a piece of her hair between two fingers.
I bit my tongue, trying to work the words out.
“The boat… we’re going under.”

Possessing powers that are feared and shunned, eighteen-year-old Alexandra “Attie” Hotep is no virgin to attacks. Her ancestors, the Zarconians- mixed-blood inhabitants of Atlantis-were rumored to be the English fairies who kidnapped children, the Caribbean sirens that sunk ships, and the dream-like apparitions who broke into psyches. By the 1850s, they were hunted to near-extinction, leaving the existence of Atlantis and Zarconians little more than myth.

When a class trip turns deadly, Attie and her friends become stranded on an uncharted tropical island in the middle of the Pacific, and Attie finds herself targeted once more. With a jungle full of extinct and prowling animals, she struggles to find a compromise between keeping her friends safe and keeping her family’s secret.

Enter Doug Hutchinson—the school’s soccer star, and a handsome boy with his own secrets. But Attie and Doug soon realize the animals aren’t the only threat. There is a traitor amidst the group, one that plans to turn all Zarconians into permanent myths. And Attie is next on the list.

Reviews for Zarconian Island

"Aja Hannah really did a great job with Zarconian Island! When I read the synopsis I thought it seemed like a really interesting idea, and it was brilliantly executed. Attie was a wonderful main character.

StarStarStarStarStar(4/5 Stars)

Deserted island aside, I loved the idea of the story. The idea that there are people among us that are really the lost people of Atlantis is pretty cool. I love how Author Aja Hannah took that idea and pushed it to the extreme, making Zarconians just like everyone else, except for some very rare and awesome abilities. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters in Zarconian Island as each of them had their own little secrets and acted just like I imagine actual teenagers would. My one and only real problem with the story was why did that certain someone, psst [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(4/5 Stars)

Action is especially packed into the novel’s final chapters with a surprising discovery and a shocking death that rocked my view of the story.
The story read well, carefully researched and considered by Hannah, avoiding plot hole perils other YA novels often face.  As I have already said, the character development and humor were key highlights of the book.  My only criticism would be a series of occurrences during the first half that equaled the big bang ending.
Amped up by the ending, I am curious to see what Hannah has in store for her readers in her second novel of the [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(4/5 Stars)

I loved ZARCONIAN ISLAND! It was a great story with a very unique premise, and characters that were so easy to fall in love with.
Attie was a strong female lead, in a world where strong female leads are uncommon. Her best friend, Kate--though clearly the lighter-spirited of the two--wasn't just a boy-crazy blonde, but the class president, and very intelligent, witty, and loyal. (And believe me--I've been guilty of writing the quirky, boy-crazy blonde best friend a time or two!)
Doug was a fantastic male lead, who was withdrawn and quiet, but I knew from the get-go how observant and [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)