About Year of Descendants

The War between followers of the Clockwork Gods and the Elder Gods is in full swing, with Janet, as always, caught in the middle. This time she volunteered to assist the Clockwork Gods in their battle—though she knew she would be smote if she refused. Still, after three months running around Kabila with Itazura, trying and usually failing to recruit decedents of the Clockwork Gods to their cause, smiting almost doesn’t sound too bad.

Then Janet’s enemy turned ally, Meroquio, shows up with a job especially for her: Infiltrate the largest encampment of decedents in the Elder God’s army, led by the Son of Winter. Acting has never been Janet’s strong suit, but she is eager to get some ground on the Elder Gods. The sooner this war is over, after all, the sooner she can begin the search for her friend Sylvia again.

At least, that’s what she thinks until she receives a catastrophic message from her friend Parker—Sylvia’s body is gone, kidnapped by the Elder Gods. More desperate than ever, Janet throws herself head first into the war, finding friends and enemies in unexpected places, including a group of rogue decedents led by a possibly dangerous boy named Neil. But when the God’s Gem, an weapon that can drain the power of even the strongest deities, goes missing, it seems more likely than ever that this war could take a turn for the apocalyptic.

If Janet and her allies can’t figure out a way to stop the Elder Gods, the world will be forever changed and Sylvia forever lost. And if Janet can’t control her ever strengthening power, she might lose herself as well.

Reviews for Year of Descendants

Amazing and fast paced. Even though this is number three in a series, it was still easy to follow and not feel totally lost. The characters and storyline were well written and easy to follow.

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)