About Wondering Sight

Sophia Westlake is an Extraordinary Seer, gifted with the ability to see past, present and future in Dreams and Visions. Her talent led to the destruction of the Caribbean pirates plaguing England’s shipping and gained her renown and the accolades of her peers. But when she accuses a prominent politician, Lord Endicott, of embezzling from the Army, her Dream is “proved” false and she is disgraced, her reputation ruined and her career in the Army’s War Office over. Humiliated, Sophia returns to London, but Lord Endicott follows her, intent on making her life increasingly miserable. Furious and desperate, Sophia takes the only course left to her: she sets out to discover Lord Endicott’s criminal enterprises, to expose him as the fraud he is and bring him to justice.

Sophia’s allies are few, but loyal. Cecy, her best friend, supports Sophia in her quest, while her cousin Lady Daphne, an irrepressible Extraordinary Bounder, is always ready for a challenge that will strike at Lord Endicott’s heart. And always watching her is the mysterious Mr. Rutledge, who claims to be interested in Sophia’s friendship—and possibly more than that—but who has an agenda of his own.

But as Sophia delves deeper into prophetic Dreams, Cecy and Daphne begin to fear for Sophia’s health and sanity. Driven to collapse by her frequent Dreaming, Sophia is forced to reevaluate her motives: does she want Lord Endicott brought to justice, or is it revenge she seeks? As Sophia draws closer to the secret of Lord Endicott’s criminal enterprise, a counterfeiting ring, his torment of Sophia increases, until the two are bound together by their respective obsessions. Though Sophia insists she is in control, her friends fear she is turning into the man she most hates.

Sophia’s Dreams and Visions are leading her to just one place: the destruction of Lord Endicott. But the cost of her vengeance may be too high—and may demand the sacrifice of her own life.

Reviews for Wondering Sight

If you’ve read the synopsis then I don’t think I need to summarize this book at all, it is a rather long winded summary and essentially it sums the book up perfectly. Long winded summary and all. In a nutshell – Sophia Westlake is a Seer, she has dreams and visions of the past, present, and future. She happens to have a false vision which leads to her accusing a well known Lord and it served to boot her from the Navy because her accusations were not light ones, she is ruined and this is where we meet up with [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(4/5 Stars)

I really enjoyed the world of the extradodinaries in book one so i was very eager to return to this wonderful setting of old classic world with a touch of magic abilities. Book two focuses on Sophia and her wonderful talents as a serer who has been shamed by the war office after accusing a prominent Lord Endicott with embezzling. Revenge ends up consuming our poor main character to the point where she has to really come to terms with why she wants to hunt down Lord Endicott and prove that he done what she accused him of. [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)