About The Vampire’s Birthright

A birthright. It should be something no one can ever take away.

But that’s not how it works in the world of vampires. Especially when that birthright involves a unique type of blood necessary for an elitist vampire society to remain young and beautiful.

Welcome to the continued misadventure of nineteen-year-old Txema Ybarra (pronounced Chema).

The earth’s most privileged undead believe they deserve a stake in Txema’s blood, and there is power and prestige for whoever controls her ancient bloodline. However, the vampire demon, Ralu, and his burgeoning Chupacabra army crave the same lofty status. Unlike his brother Gustav—ruler of the elite European vampires—Ralu desires the death of Txema, and with it the end of Gustav’s two thousand-year reign.

As this teenage mother-to-be fights for survival for her and her unborn daughter, the journey to elude Ralu and traitor vampires among Gustav’s civilized allies takes Txema across the globe. The race is on to save or destroy two human lives…and determine the rightful holder of The Vampires’ Birthright.

Reviews for The Vampire’s Birthright

The Vampires' Birthright is a pretty good sequel. I enjoyed the characters as I did in the first book. Racco, Garvan, Gustav, Chanson, Tyreen and the others are all awesome. They are like one big happy family protecting each other. Txema has definitely changed now that she is a mother to an adorable little girl. She has a lot more fight in her even though she still gets scared every now and then. I'm glad she was able to see Peter again, but everything that Peter went through tore me to pieces. I can't believe all that Ralu is doing. [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(4/5 Stars)

Combining a choice between two, probably unsuitable, immortal lovers, with evil monsters roaming large parts of the world, James and Burdine create a paranormal romance free from the sense of tightness that can afflict the “girl with a destiny encounters a secret vampire conspiracy” novels.

This novel is the second volume in the Lifeblood Legacy Series. Following the attack on Racco’s chateau by Ralu’s armies, Txema is taken a vampire court in the mountains of China. However, with Txema and her unborn child the last bearers of the mystical blood needed to keep vampires sane, Ralu continues his plan to either [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(4/5 Stars)