About Valcoria: Children of the Crystal Star

History repeats itself like a song. The verses may vary, but the melody is always the same. The eastern empire of Aukasia has a new leader, a man who means to bring war to all the land. Yet, even in all his bloody ambition, he does not realize that he is but the puppet of a greater evil. Only the Kalyra - The Children of the Crystal Star - can stand against what’s coming. Only they can protect the world of Valcoria from the mad hatred of the fallen god, Aedar. A new verse of the song has begun. The last verse.

Reviews for Valcoria: Children of the Crystal Star

I love a good science fiction/fantasy novel! You should read Valcoria, if you do as well! I wasn't to sure what this book was all about but the more I read, I loved it! My favorite character is Yuiv, I'm rooting for him! He's an orphan turned thief, and now holds one of the biggest secrets. He has a chance for redemption in the form of a wounded solider but does he seek redemption. This book has so many great parts, the character development is my favorite, Jason has a way of making you wanting to kick a few characters [...]

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