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After saving her dad, POTUS Leopold Forrester, from an assassination attempt several months ago, seventeen-year-old Alix Forrester has become a valuable member of PRICS, a secret branch of the FBI. In fact, Alix’ life is going splendid: she’s graduating PRICS-training, she’s together with Sam, she’s… yeah, not quite happy. While finally things are going well with her dad, the same cannot be said for her and Sam—not even after she is allowed to come clear to him about PRICS: appalled by her lies Sam breaks up with her.
His rejection brings Alix even closer with Ian, especially when for a change it’s him needing Alix’ help: the Dark Unit, an international hacker organization, is blackmailing Ian into cooperating with them, or else they will kill his parents. Add cyber attacks threatening the government and somebody inside the White House leaking highly classified information, and Alix and Ian have their work cut out for them.
Nothing they come up with makes any sense though, and as the PRICS-team follows a lead in Ian’s home town, Ian is kidnapped, leaving Alix and Dimitri leaderless and Alix devastated by the loss. Determined to get Ian back Alix finds the missing key that leads them to the kidnappers, but they’re walking right into a trap. With Dimitri unaccounted for, Alix and Ian are stranded alone in rural Alaska with no way out—and worse: with the enemy hot on their heels, Alix and Ian must find a way to prevent the Dark Unit from releasing an American nuclear missile onto the G-20 summit and killing tens of thousands of people—including Alix’ dad.

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