About The Wrath of Con

Damico is trapped in a fantasy roleplaying game. Not “trapped at the table” like Thanksgiving dinner after a particularly unpleasant election. Trapped inside. Back in the real world he’s probably bleeding to death in the trunk of the game master’s car.
On a happier note, he currently rules this improbably-constructed world from the very plush Comfy Chair, which he ordered built to replace the previous overlord’s throne. It’s amazing what a true artist can do with hard wood, soft animals, and relaxation magic.
Unfortunately, this world exists to serve a fantasy roleplaying game, and players back in the real world have started rolling dice again. An artifact that grants complete control of the weather has fallen into the hands of a mad man, and Damico must join the adventurers in their quest to face-stab evil in the name of justice.
Also, he needs to decide whether to become the Dark God of Destruction, so his schedule is filling up quickly.

Reviews for The Wrath of Con

I'm not a hardcore gamer but I know enough to be dangerous, and enough to get most of the jokes in the "Death by Cliche" series. This is the second book in the series, and the epilogue practically promises a third book. Since this book picks up right after the close of the action in Book One, (titled simply "Death By Cliche"), it more or less assumes that you are familiar with the backstory of the characters, and with the plot and the frame that sets up the whole series. It would probably be best to start the series with [...]

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