About The Shadow Collector

Brooklyn thought nothing would ever surprise her again after learning her father is an extraplanar being―until the police ask her for help.

For most of her life, the cops have been a thorn in her side, always in the way of a good time. By seventeen, she’d spent more time in police cars than some rookies. With age comes (a little) restraint, and she’s managed to avoid getting in trouble for six whole years. Working for the Philadelphia Fire Department offers a sense of belonging and purpose she never had growing up, even if the whole ‘adulting’ thing sucks.

After responding to a fire call eerily similar to the one that claimed her childhood home, a local detective seeks her out. He’s hunting a serial killer who preys on the city’s homeless, taking the lives of those no one cares to see. Every victim’s body has so far been stolen from the morgue, frustrating the investigation to the point he’s willing to rely on a psychic―even a former delinquent.

Brooklyn senses a connection between the recent fire, the murders, and a mysteriously guilty little girl, but her respect for the law only goes so far.

Reviews for The Shadow Collector

This is the second book in the Temporal Armistice series. The first few pages sum up the important parts of the first novel for those that had missed it, explaining the extraplanar beings and the war between them. The book opens with more of Brooklyn's friends and work life so that it feels more like a slice of life with magic and potential for mayhem story. About a third of the way into the book is where the detective asks for her help, and the plot really starts to pick up.Between that and the matter of fact way that magic [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)

Cox blends our fear-lust reaction to power with our tendency to treat anything as normal if it is common enough to produce urban fantasy where the magical is fully integrated yet not without mystery.

This novel is the second in the Temporal Armistice series. Reading past this point might trigger painful foresights of the plot of the previous novel.

After the initial turmoils of discovering that her father is a powerful being from another realm rather than a deadbeat and that she’s inherited both some of his powers and a side in an ancient metaphysical war, Brooklyn has found enough stability that [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(4/5 Stars)