About The Redeemed

The worst part about chasing one’s dream is catching it.

Six months ago, Kevin opened a Roadhouse of his own. No longer the idiot braving the dangerous post-nuclear highways of 2073, he thought he’d be able to grow old and happy selling bullets, beds, and booze to those still foolish enough to get behind the wheel. Then, he’d met her.
The white-haired outcast from the xenophobic Enclave crashed into his life. She became the conscience he never wanted and everything he desired. She might not have been able to save the world, but she can save Kevin’s dream. Serenity in their humble waystation shatters when a biker gang calling themselves the Redeemed shoots up a handful of Roadhouses in flagrant disregard of the Code. When Amarillo’s long-vaunted retribution fails to materialize, Kevin feels more like a sitting duck than he ever did behind the wheel, but it’s not his ‘house he fears losing.
Determined to protect her, he takes it upon himself to enforce the unwritten law.

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