About The Redeemed

The worst part about chasing one’s dream is catching it.

Six months ago, Kevin opened a Roadhouse of his own. No longer the idiot braving the dangerous post-nuclear highways of 2073, he thought he’d finally grow old and happy selling bullets, beds, and booze to those still foolish enough to get behind the wheel.

Then, he’d met her.

The white-haired outcast from the xenophobic Enclave crashed into his life, becoming the conscience he never wanted and everything he desired. She couldn’t save the world from the Virus, but she could save Kevin’s dream.

A biker gang calling themselves the Redeemed starts shooting up Roadhouses in flagrant disregard of the Code, shattering the serenity of his humble waystation. When the long-vaunted retribution of Amarillo’s army fails to materialize, Kevin feels more like a sitting duck than he ever did on the road―but it’s not his ‘house he fears losing.

Determined to protect her, he takes it upon himself to enforce the unwritten law of the Roadhouse.

Reviews for The Redeemed

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. - Yoko Ono

This second book in the Roadhouse Chronicles series (after ONE MORE RUN) was just as fun and action-filled as the first.

Kevin has realized his lifelong dream and now owns his own Roadhouse near what used to be Rawlins, Wyoming. He and Tris are happy running the place until they start hearing about other Roadhouses being attacked - something that has never happened before because people were afraid of the Roadhouse headquarters in Amarillo.

Kevin and Tris end up on separate missions and both [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)

Cox mixes fast-paced action and nuanced characters with a plausible future dystopia to create a tale that will appeal to fans of wasteland mayhem and future history alike.

This novel is the second in the Roadhouse Chronicles series. So, that dust cloud on the horizon is probably spoilers.

Having saved the woman he loves and gathered the last of the coin, Kevin bought his own Roadhouse franchise. Six months later, he’s settled into a life of selling supplies and beds to travellers, and arranging jobs for those young enough or desperate enough to make a living driving the roads of the former [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)