About The Prince of Earth

It had come back.
It had come back and it was stronger.
It’s been twenty years. Not again. Not now.
Not anytime. 

In 1988, young American traveler Quincy Redding is trekking across the misty terrain of the Scottish Highlands. She is destined for the infamous peak Ben MacDui, the summit of which soon finds her inexplicably debilitated and at the mercy of a malevolent entity.

In 2008, Quincy begins experiencing abnormalities that threaten her family and her life - phenomena that may be related to her horrifying encounter of twenty years ago.

As both older and younger Quincies’ worlds entwine, she cannot but grapple with a question. Is there really is a temporality - or even a reality - of each world?

Reviews for The Prince of Earth

The Prince of The Earth will mark the first expedition I’ve undertaken with not only this publishing company but with author Mike Robinson as well. The author’s premise of drafting the story back and forth between two time lines is fresh, innovative and moves the plot along at an exciting pace. It takes no time flat for the momentum to pick up within the pages and most readers will digest this psychological thriller within two to three sittings.

Quincy’s struggle with reality is depicted with exceptional sense of foreboding. Anyone who may have encountered obstacles in coping with mental illness will [...]

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