About The Lure of Fools

Adventure is the lure of fools, and excitement glamour to the gullible. The siren song of the world is as music to the wanderer’s feet, but that dance leads only to the soulless grave.” .” So Jekaran’s uncle has warned him. But that doesn’t stop him from leaping at the exhilarating chance to single-handedly rescue a beautiful woman from a gang of lecherous thieves.

But the bored farm boy quickly finds that he is no match for the group of angry street thugs, and only escapes death by bonding a magical sword that grants him the strength and skill of a master swordsman.  Unfortunately, a peasant wielding such magic is forbidden and punishable by death.

Thus Jekaran finds himself a fugitive with his fate tied to that of the exotic and mysterious Kairah, a fey woman who must deliver a dire warning to the king that, if heeded, could prevent the very extinction of humanity.

Reviews for The Lure of Fools

The first part of this book didn’t exactly start off with a very sympathetic character. I felt a bit sorry for Jove at first… and then that was quickly derailed when I realised what he was like even before he became possessed; or whatever it was.

I liked the opportunity to see the beginnings of the characters that I’d seen in The Soulless Grave. It was good to be able to see more of Kairah in this book, since I only saw her at the end of the second. I have to say, though, I really didn’t like Maely at all [...]

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