About The Green Man and Other Short Stories

The Green Man & Other Stories collects for the first time anywhere eleven of the early short stories of Rand B. Lee, who since 1981 has been delighting — and shocking — readers with tales characterized by humor, pathos, sensuality, and a keen sensitivity to life on the borderland of consensus reality.

Most of the stories included in the collection first appeared in either “Asimov’s Science Fiction” or “The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction”.

Stories in this volume include:

  • “The Green Man”, in which a lonely little boy encounters a strange, shadowy figure at woods’ edge, a figure who will change his life forever;
  • “The Pearl”, in which a seedy cityscape becomes the backdrop for the death — and redemptive afterlife — of a prostitute;
  • “On Springfield Mountain”, in which a community of quarantined psi-talents is forced to face its inner demons when a stranger crashes on their mountain;
  • “Knight of Shallows” (originally published many years before the appearance of Jet Li’s “The One”), in which a young man is catapulted into a series of alternate universes, seeking a murderous version of himself;

… and seven more.

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