About The Dreamhouse

Layla Hall is one of the Paperdolls. Four girls were kidnapped at the age of twelve, and held in an underground bunker that they called ‘The Dollhouse’. Seven years later, they’re free from their captor, and trying to rebuild their lives. Layla distracts herself with other people’s pain. She wants to heal them, and Bennett needs healing.
Bennett Posey is broken. He knows it, and everyone in his life knows it. His life changes when he decides to end it. Before he does, he calls the crisis hotline that Layla volunteers at. She promises him that life will get better, and that she would show him.
Bennett is gone from the start, obsessed with the girl who makes life hurt a little less. She can make him forget about his abusive mother, and passive father. He thinks he deserves what he gets, so what does it matter if they hurt him? As long as Layla doesn’t find out, everything will be fine. It has to be fine.

Reviews for The Dreamhouse

I haven't read the first book in the Paperdolls series, but when I read the description of The Dreamhouse I was excited to read it. Yes, I know. Who does that? Well, me apparantly. I do recommend that you read the first book first, but you don't need it to understand/follow The Dreamhouse.

Layla is such a strong character. She has gone through literally HELL and how she deals with her and Bennet situation is pretty amazing. This girl needs an standing ovation. I didn't get to know the other characters very well, but that's really because the story [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(4/5 Stars)