About The Dark Principle

Now that Dorian Lake has found his soul… it has never been farther from his grasp!

Living without a soul has brought Dorian to new lows. Now a full-fledged Curse Merchant, he has solidified his stranglehold over the city of Baltimore, ruling like a true Netherworker. Romantically entwined with a Strega, guilty of killing with magic, and free of Presidium oversight, Dorian Lake needs his soul more than ever if he wants to avoid damnation. And at long last… he’s found it!

The catch: Dorian can’t secure his soul without destroying the lives of everyone he holds dear. There is no time to find a solution, as the Dark Choir has sent Felix Parrish to acquire the soul. Parrish will stop at nothing to capture his quarry… raising an army of possessed minions, pitting Dorian against Federal agents, even calling in the Surgical Swordsman to capture the soul’s vessel. The chase leads Dorian on a journey across America, into the hands of old friends and enemies alike, searching for some way… any way… to beat the Dark Choir at their own game.
Can Dorian survive the onslaught and save the ones he loves? And will the secrets he uncovers in his own family’s history prove to be the key to freeing his soul, or the very road to eternal damnation?

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