About The Curse Servant

The one person standing between Hell… and an innocent girl… is a man without a soul.

A regular life isn’t in the cards for Dorian Lake, but with his charm-crafting business invigorated, and the prospect of a serious relationship within his grasp, life is closer to normal than Dorian could ever expect. In the heat of the Baltimore mayoral campaign, Dorian has managed to balance his arrangements with Deputy Mayor Julian Bright with his search to find his lost soul. Dorian soon learns of a Netherworker, the head of a dangerous West Coast cabal, who might be able to find and return his soul. The price? Just one curse.

Sounds easy… but nothing ever is for Dorian. A dark presence arrives in the city, hell-bent on finding Dorian’s soul first. Innocents are caught in the crossfire, and Dorian finds it harder to keep his commitments to Bright. When the fight gets personal, and the entity hits too close to home, Dorian must rely on those he trusts the least to save the ones he loves. As he tests the limits of his hermetic skills to defeat this new enemy, will Dorian lose his one chance to avoid damnation?

Reviews for The Curse Servant

I loved this book. A refreshingly wonderful new urban fantasy series that breaks the cookie cutter format that’s engulfed this genre in recent years.

This is the second in a series, and I didn’t actually know that when I first began reading it. Quickly caught up on this fact and so went and bought the first book to read it first. Yes, this series is that good. Rather than mooch myself free books I bought it! Well worth it too.

I won’t go into the plotline as that’s what reading the book is all about. Instead I will say this is an [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(4/5 Stars)