About Strange Truths

Why did she have to be so goddamn weird?

Mikey Warrender’s goals are within his grasp. On track for a spectacular swimming career in the last months of his senior year at school, his life seems ideal. A successful Senator father, a pretty, popular sister, and a girlfriend who acts and looks, well, perfect. They’ve had their share of trouble in the form of Mikey’s late twin, but that trouble died with Toby and now things can finally get back on track.

Until Alice England. Mikey couldn’t have been less interested in a friendless undertaker’s daughter who sees strange things and always speaks the truth—until she starts stalking him at school. Alice has reason to believe Tobias Warrender was reluctant to take that fatal dose of crystal meth. What’s more, she insists Mikey is grieving for his twin. Curious, Mikey lets Alice in—just for a moment—and before he knows what’s happening she’s wedged her foot in the door and busted his world wide open.

Alice leads him through a series of discoveries that make him look more closely at his own carefully constructed reality. Innocent yet knowing; kind yet devastatingly honest, Alice effortlessly unravels Mikey Warrender’s falsely safe world—and what really happened to Toby.

Strange Truths is a coming of age detective story that will appeal to adults both young and old(er), especially lovers of classical mystery with a twist.

Reviews for Strange Truths

This book was nothing like I expected, but I absolutely adored it. I had heard of Alice England prior to its debut, and I knew this was a mystery of sorts. I had more of a Nancy Drew vibe in mind, however. I was quite confused about all the images of funeral related items, as well as ocean trinkets, and what they could possibly have to do with one another. But things do, ultimately, all come together and actually make sense.

There are so many things that this book is about that I [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)

Strange Truths: An Alice England Mystery by S.D. Wasley is a story about a girl named Alice England. Alice lives and works at a funeral parlor with her father at Tranquility Funerals. Alice has a gift…when she touches objects that were beloved by those who have passed on she sees pieces of their lives and this is very much true for when she touches a pendant of Tobias Warrender when she is preparing him for his funeral after his passing away from a drug overdose. The vision that she gets is of one of where he is reluctant to the [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)