About Season of Wind

After her stint saving humanity with the God of Mischief, Janet Redstone now has a host of other problems on her mind, namely saving her friend Sylvia while avoiding the fast approaching godly war. Now travelling the desert realm of Kabila with her two surviving teammates, she just wants to kill as many wendigos as possible to get Sylvia’s soul back.

But then strange things start happening. Janet begins healing faster than normal. She dreams of Itazura imprisoned in a dark room, even though he’s a god and that’s impossible. Oh, and when she touches locks, they just open. That’s a midlly concerning development.

Turns out Itazura really is in danger. Captive of the Elder Gods, he’s sent the majority of his powers to Janet for safe keeping. Said powers exhaust her every time she uses them and make her a target for all sorts of new enemies if she doesn’t get rid of them soon. Now she must team up with a god she loves, a god she hates and a god she fears to save him, and avoid getting smote by the Elder Gods in the process.

Reviews for Season of Wind

voluntarily reviewed a free copy of this book :) I absolutely adored this story :) it's a phenomenal sequel in a fantasy / steampunk-ish series, and you really have to read the first book to understand everything that's happening, as well as appreciate all of the interations between different characters :) since this sequel is so much connected to the first book, I will have the next paragraph completely spoiler free, even if you are brand new to the series, where I will talk a bit more about the world and the plot in general, as well as some of [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)

Hyndman combines the complexity of epic fantasy with the character focus of young adult fantasy, providing a sense of depth and scope without sacrificing accessibility or the reader’s wrists.

This is the second volume in The Clockwork Gods Chronicles. So, spoilers ahead.

Having completed the deal she made with Itazura, the god of mischief, Janet Redstone wants to focus on her own concerns and avoid the fast-approaching war between the current gods and the Elder Gods they replaced. Unfortunately, with her friend Sylvia’s soul stolen by one of the wendigo that serve the Elder Gods, Janet’s search leads through the deserts of [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(4/5 Stars)