About Rings in Time

~Celebrated Winner of the 2012 NANO-Virtuosos Competition~

First dates can be so awkward, especially when instead of a kiss the night ends with a semi-truck running into a convenience store.

When Jenna meets Pearl Connolly, her handsome yet oddly familiar new neighbor, she’s more than happy to agree to a date, but the night takes a turn for the worse when her store is destroyed. Jenna isn’t the only one that thinks the ‘tragic accident’ was no accident at all. Fortunately help comes in the form of Pearl and his sister, researchers bent on learning the truth, but hiding truths of their own. Sending Jenna back in time to find out what happened seems like the best way preserve the future, but what she learns about herself and her forgotten past in the midst of disaster changes everything.

Rings of Time is a charmingly funny science-fiction romance that traverses motherhood, relationships, and time itself.

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