About Real Vampires Take No Prisoners

Matheus believes that getting Quin back will help him deal with the pressures of a vampiric war, but his hopes crumble after his soulmate fails to remember him.

The tattered remnant of their mystical connection appears to drive Quin’s erratic suicidal behavior, threatening their bond and their very existence. While Matheus pines for his former love, a hurt and betrayed Alastair must watch the man he loves chase another. Feeling inadequate as a leader, Matheus searches for a way to make Quin remember him, no matter the cost.

With Apollonia is closing in on their home, he must act soon. And to make matters worse, his mortal―and pregnant―sister begrudgingly sets aside her contempt for vampires to ask his help to protect her unborn child from their insane father.

Terrified of losing Quin for good and of facing his father, Matheus faces a damning choice: kill the man he loves or attempt an untested ritual that might destroy them both.

Reviews for Real Vampires Take No Prisoners

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that sucked me in so much that I kinda forgot real life existed until I finished and looked up in a daze, but that’s what this book did. And I’m surprised at how sad I am to say goodbye to these characters!

I have developed a total soft spot for Matheus, Quin, and Alistair. I also feel oddly proud of them for how much they all have grown. Matheus matured and became not only a leader but also his own person rather than someone whose decisions were all influenced by his father. [...]

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