About Queen of Nod

Alice hoped to find peace after the death of the Red Queen. Instead, she faces a new foe: a plague of madness that threatens to bring Nod to its knees, shaking the foundations of the afterlife. Forced to flee from her home and abandon her throne, she is led on a journey that has the potential to remake or break her.

From the forest world of the Fae to the expanse of the multiverse, Alice and Zee search desperately for a cure before it’s too late. Along the way, they meet new companions and enemies - the powerful and deadly Magi, the changeling princess Maggie, and the Triad, a sinister trio of brothers who would stop at nothing to subjugate all they see.

The fate of Nod hangs in the balance, and the key might just lie in the one place Alice has never dared to go - the depths of her own mind.

Reviews for Queen of Nod

I read and reviewed the first book in The Balance series, Child of Nod, earlier this year and was deeply impressed by this darkly imaginative take on the classic Alice in Wonderland story. In this series, Alice wakes up to find herself not in Wonderland, but in Nod, a corrupted fairy tale land where she also discover that she is, in fact, dead. In Child of Nod we got to know Alice as she discovered exactly where she was and what her purpose was, and now in Queen of Nod we get to follow Alice as even more challenges befall [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(4/5 Stars)

CW Snyder packs creativity and energy into a fantasy story that grips and holds on. Page leads to page.

Snyder handles the fantasy deftly, balancing characters who stir interest and a full-fledged world.

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)