About Prom, Magic, And Other Man-Made Disasters

Before Tessa can confess her feelings to her long-time crush, he beats her to the punch and confesses his love—for her best friend, Maria. Missing the crush of her dreams and her stag wingman for prom, Tessa’s on the prowl to make it a night to remember, and for more than the humiliation. Determined to not be the only dateless girl at the prom in Small Town USA, she asks the new guy. He has all the qualifications of a fun date: polite, mysterious―pulse―but the way Sean talks about magic like it’s real could ruin the illusion. But desperate times call for desperate dates.

To make matters awkward, Maria insists on double-dating for the pre-prom dinner. When a wizard shows up and kidnaps Maria, things go from jealous to deadly before the cummerbunds hit the floor. He’s mistaken Tessa’s friend for a powerful mage whose blood could help him conquer his world, but he’s got the wrong girl. Using the wrong blood wouldn’t make Maria any less dead, and Tessa has no plans to let some whack-job villain from another dimension murder her best friend. Working with Sean, she tracks the wizard to his home, a land filled with strange creatures, stranger customs, and a five-hundred year grudge match between three nations ready to explode into all out war.

Tessa’s starting to think she has a chance against the wizard so long as she has Sean by her side, but his kind words and sweet smile aren’t what they seem. He’s the wizard’s son.

Reviews for Prom, Magic, And Other Man-Made Disasters

I love the cover, it screams High School drama!

Here we meet Tessa, who is your average high school student trying to the attention of her crush. Tessa thinks he is the one, he gives her a letter, and tell her to give it to her best friend, Maria. Of course Tessa reads the letter, only to find out that he does not like her, and was sort of using her to get Maria to notice him. Oh also wanted to know if Maria would go to prom with him....Tessa does what anyone in her position would do, she rewrites [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)

Basic Keywords and Intro:

– The 1st book in the Settfyrian Chronicles.

– First person POV.

– When Tessa’s long-time crush tells her that he is in love with her best friend (Maria), her world goes upside down.

– Little did she know that this was nothing compared to what is about happen.

– Tessa takes Sean, the new, mysterious guy in school, to the double date that Maria insisted on.

-Then, a wizard kidnaps Maria, mistaking her for a very powerful mage.

– That powerfully magician is actually Tessa, and the kidnapper is Sean’s father.


– Tessa would stop at nothing to save [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(4/5 Stars)

Teenage drama mixes with adventurous magic, sending this story into a whole new twist in the world of fairy tales, dragons and maybe getting that date for prom.

When Tessa's high school crush breaks her heart by shoving a note in her hand and asking her to give it to her best friend, so he can ask her to prom, she's sure life has turned into a disaster, but she has no clue how bad things are going to get. Not when the new boy in town takes an interest in her. Not only is the guy the son of a [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)