About Nascent Shadow

Brooklyn Amari knew not to get in car with a stranger; so much so that when a man tried to lure her―she killed him.

As if taking a man’s life at the tender age of ten wasn’t bad enough, her childhood home burned to the ground two years later. She doesn’t remember how she survived or understand why she’s felt a pull toward the conflagration ever since that night. After a troubled patch in her teens, she’s become a respectable firefighter, rushing again and again into the inferno that almost killed her. A routine sweep-and-clear during a hotel blaze takes a deadly turn, but also explains how she escaped death eleven years ago: she’s probably a demon.

Brooklyn had always enjoyed having psychic abilities, but wings?

She’s still trying to come to terms with what she might be when she gets a vision of an arsonist planting a magic bomb. The Fire Marshal’s office loathes investigating arson where magic is involved, and since she’s the most paranormal thing they’ve got, they offer her a temporary promotion.

Unfortunately, she soon finds herself neck deep in an investigation that goes straight over her head, and oh yeah―she’s probably going to destroy the world.

Reviews for Nascent Shadow

Even though she survived a fire at age twelve, Brooklyn Amari went on to be a firefighter. She has some telekinetic ability, but that's small time compared to the mages that are able to afford to go to the Academy. At first, she doesn't think she has much special ability, but a nasty fire has her body transforming into chitinous armor for skin, a tail and wings. Apparently, she's also part demon; that comes in handy when the fire department needs her help on a particular job, but apparently, it also lands her in the middle of a war between [...]

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