About Mirona’s Law

A month has passed since Gerasim of Kver defended the walls of Dalgorod from the ambitious Kirill Voisilovich. But that victory provides little comfort now as winter descends upon Rostogov. Even as Kirill awaits his trial for high treason, hidden forces continue to plot against the reign of the ailing Velikye Knyaza, Serafima Vladekovna. Every day her strength weakens while the realm’s powerful noble families scheme to expand their power. When presented with a chance to seek a cure for the terrible sickness threatening to consume her, she must decide whether or not the realm will tear itself apart in her absence.

Meanwhile, far to the north, a young Dikarie warrior struggles to pick up the pieces of her shattered world after the warband’s defeat at the hands of the Rostogovians. When she finds herself beholden to a leader she once trusted above all others, she learns that loyalty can be deadlier than any weapon.

But unlike winters past, this year “Mirona’s Law” brings more than snow and ice. Something ancient stirs in Rostogov, lurking in the shadows of every city and festering in the blackest hearts of the forests. When the goddess of death’s long night falls upon the realm, what nightmares will the darkness bring with it?

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