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Jregli might be too smart for her own good. She thought that tricking a new Master into buying her would make her life as a slave better, but she didn’t count on Shdr’edno being as clever as she is. He can’t reveal that he owns a slave, but he can punish her for making a fool of him. Jregli learns that some prices are too high, but she can’t back out now.

Station Commander Frank Niem has suspicions about the crafty Yerbrans claiming to be uncle and niece, but running a Space Station keeps his attention elsewhere. Politics and business aren’t what he signed up for, but they’re what he has to deal with. He can’t please everyone, but he has to try or lose his career.

Dozens of Races and thousands of sentient beings pass through Fredan Sector Station 5 every day, and the culture clashes can overwhelm even the best-prepared. Survival favors the bold and the smart, but will that be enough to navigate this Leap of Space?

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