About Lavender Fields

Esther has lost her grip on reality. She suffers from Alzheimer’s and often visits her delusional world of Lavender Fields. There, she is young again and full of life, free from aches and pains. In her fields she falls in love with her literal dream man, and a heated romance ensues.

Lexi, no longer able to care for her sister, Esther, hides from her guilt behind the inherited family trait, alcoholism. When Esther begins to claim the fields are real, Lexi dives deeper into the bottle, shying away from her husband who needs her, and missing out on the last few moments with the sister who raised her.

Gemma, Esther’s head nurse finds herself stuck between the drunken wrath of Lexi and her ornery patient. When Esther starts rambling about Lavender Fields, babies, kissing men, and claiming pregnancy, Gemma must interpret what parts of the delusion are fantasy, or if it is only a darker side of reality.

After a series of events, the three women, Esther, Gemma and Lexi must find a way to work together in a touching tale of second chances, family drama and miracles.

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