About Hurakan’s Chalice

Stricken first by the need for wonderlust, Jeremy ventures across South America in hopes of reaching the ancient castle of the Essenes, who saved his and Jack’s lives in 2012. But to get there means moving through largely uncharted Amazon jungles haunted by violent drug cartels and ruled by a bloodthirsty Colombian god, Hurakan.

When Jeremy doesn’t return as promised, Jack searches for his brother in the Peruvian wilderness. His trek becomes increasingly surreal as he enters the realm of the enigmatic Yitari, a tribe of interdimensional beings. Long at war with Hurakan and his father’s demons, the brothers play key roles in the balance of power between these two entities.

Another chapter in the brothers’ journey to learn the truth of their shared destiny, they must decide if a previous Essene prophecy is worth pursuing. Or, is it better to let sleeping dogs lie and enjoy Cameril’s pristine beauty and peaceful way of life?

Reviews for Hurakan’s Chalice

first let me say..THANK YOU AIDEN! This book with all of its eloquent words has left me ALMOST speechless. I loved how you made us FEEL Jack's emotions (kind of an understatement) heart pounding raw emotions.
Love, Love ALL of your books and the places they take me!!!

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)