About Hundred Ghost Soup

A Beijing orphan is nearly eighteen. He wants a family and a name, if only for a while. He hacks adoption papers to get them.

He also gets: a long train ride into an empty station in a ghost town. Ghosts. Their leaders, calling themselves Mr. and Mrs. Vulpin, are his new parents. They are illusion-casting fox spirits, glamorous, clever, and trapped. They need him to free themselves of the ghosts.

Our hero works for them and accepts their flaws so long as they pretend to be a family. But then he discovers their wonderful meals are illusory. Are the Vulpins up to no good? And the People’s Republic of China will never allow spirits to possess a town. To save them all, he must travel back to Beijing, rifle the Politburo’s files, and find a Minister’s secrets. When he kindles the wrath of the People’s Liberation Army and the Minister of Fate himself, he must penetrate layers of illusions, decide whom he can trust, and learn to cook.

And then there is the matter of the soup’s main ingredient: him.

Reviews for Hundred Ghost Soup

The science fiction and fantasy genres are awash with coming-of-age stories. The reason for this is simple: teens make up the most voracious segment of the SF/F book buying audience, and they relate to coming-of-age stories. It is a no brainer for publishers, but it does result in a considerable amount of clichéd and formulaic garbage to wade through when searching for truly original and exciting variations on the theme. Fortunately, it is not a fruitless search, a fact that I was pleasantly reminded of when reading Robert Chansky’s Hundred Ghost Soup.

Bei Jimo is a seventeen-year-old orphan in Beijing, one [...]

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100 Ghost Soup by Robert Chansky is an unusual story told in the tradition of a Chinese folk tale or legend. Chansky’s style and tone make the reading almost musical at times, and is particularly suited to reading aloud. This delightfully entertaining tale is written as if it could go on forever. Just when you think the story is finished, you find that there is still more – not an unpleasant surprise.

Bei Jimo is an seventeen year old orphan who has always wanted but two things: a name and a family. He sees an opportunity to have both those things [...]

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In the ruins of his world, Harrison Cody follows a mysterious voice on the radio as he and his pixie sidekick travel on foot across a terrifyingly random landscape.

They discover Dorothy O’Neill, who has had to survive among monsters when her greatest worry used to be how to navigate high school.

Together they search for what remains of Chicago, and the hope that civilization can be rebuilt.”

I received this eBook from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This was such an awesome read.
My first thoughts reading this book were: what the heck am I reading and do I need [...]

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Opening Rob Chansky’s book HUNDRED GHOST SOUP is like stepping up to a sumptuous buffet of foods you’ve never had before. Sure, the ingredients are common, but master chef Chansky wields his impressive wordsmithing skills and fashions scenes, dialogue, and characters into a fulfilling feast of ideas, concepts, and description.

His main character, an orphan with no prospects, leaps at the chance to be adopted, in the month before his eighteenth birthday, to strangers he’s never met, who are to be found in the middle of nowhere, at a location where the trains never stop.

He’s an unreliable narrator, deeply ensconced in [...]

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