About Hullo Molly Holly

Peter Doolan’s got a big problem: the girl he loves isn’t quite real.

Peter lives in the city of Luxe, where the spirit world underlies the ordinary one. The ways and paths between the two are known as slides, and Peter knows them all. He’s a pizza delivery driver, after all, and there are no better shortcuts than those through the unreal.

One spring night, he attends The Fireball, a party held out in the wild country, and he meets a woman named Molly Holly. They share a wild, lovely night and afterward she disappears.

When Molly reappears in Peter’s life, it becomes apparent that there’s something special and terrifying about her. Peter must reckon with her true nature and contend with a man named West, who has his own malevolent intentions for Molly.

Peter’s contention with West draws him deep into the underworld, where his skills in navigating the unreal are put to the test and his very soul is in jeopardy.

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