About Happiness, Next Exit

Is staying with one guy worth being separated from family and friends forever?  That’s the decision Rose Gluck has to make.

Raised in a strict Jehovah’s Witness congregation in rural Missouri where romance is a four-letter word and life is charted from childhood, Rose’s prospects as the future wife of Clinton Greer, the boorish son of the authoritarian congregation overseer, do not seem especially bright.

However, when Wyatt True joins their congregation, a possibility of a new relationship emerges, along with new trials. Through their growing friendship, Rose begins to understand the deeper truths of love. Meanwhile, Rose’s grandmother worries that she is being led down the same road that caused Rose’s mother to be lost.

But are true love and happiness worth exiting what she always considered true religion? After all, her choice has eternal consequences—in the most final sense of the word.

Reviews for Happiness, Next Exit

Reading the ways of the Jehovah’s Witnesses turned out to be surprisingly disturbing, which also means that this story had life once lived laced throughout each page and chapter. The author, as a former and first-hand Witness, did an excellent job moving me from page to page. It is a well-written work and a true romantic read for the religious fiction genre.

A solid full circle drawn from the story’s beginning to its end, disfellowshipped JW Rose Gluck is ultimately proven to be a greater Witness to God’s work as she brings final comfort to Jasper Greer. Greer, the once uncompromising [...]

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