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Agent Kirsten Wren thought she’d seen the true face of evil on the Moon, but the demon Avarazel didn’t prepare her for an even more insidious enemy―politics.

After a month to recover, Kirsten returns to active duty with a heavy heart, already missing having all day to spend with her adopted son. Reeling from her disastrous last attempt at a relationship, she takes things slow with Sam, unsure if she’s even capable of welcoming a man into her life.

The influential Senator Preston Winchester catches her off guard, requesting her by name to dispel a haunting at his earthbound vacation home. A subsequent string of escalating spectral assaults on seemingly random, unrelated people strikes her as too coincidental, and when the angry spirit attacks her son, Kirsten suspects she is the spirit’s true target.

Her investigation leads her to doubt Winchester is as squeaky clean as he appears. She is determined to bring him down, but following her moral compass threatens her guardianship of Evan, as well as the very existence of Division 0.

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Guardian by Matthew S. CoxCox fuses psionics and cyberpunk with a political thriller, producing a tale that is equally detective procedural and high-speed action.

This novel is the fourth in the Division Zero series. Proceeding past this point without reading previous volumes might induce precognitive dissonance (c.f. slang dictionary: spoilers).

Returning from a month’s recuperative leave, Agent Kirsten Wren moves straight from relaxed hours with her adopted son, Evan, to high stress days investigating possible spectral assault on an influential senator. As the same phenomena manifest around other people, she grows more certain a vengeful ghost is behind all the attacks; however, [...]

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