About The Fork of Destiny’s Road

Two worlds, but one heart, opposites that are one. Can fire love ice? Can the dark love the dawn? So were the two lovers, a prince and princess opposed. Yet in the secret midnight of a garden, their love could freely flow. Yet the universe is balance, and fate would have her due. Their love would bring destruction, and end the worlds each knew.”

Aiested has fallen. Its citizens flee the barrage of green lightning striking down from black clouds that swirl around the capital’s ruined Apeira well. The ground shakes and a withering wind blows across Shaelar sucking the life out of all it touches. Amid this apocalyptic turmoil, Crown Prince Raelen Taris must find asylum for his people and stop a rogue army from attacking Aiestal’s neighboring country. Will he make it in time to stop a battle that will ignite Jenoc’s war of extermination?

Jekaran is catatonic, his sword lost and his bond to it broken. Kairah, bent on returning to Allose to warn her people of the decaying darkness unleashed by The Eater, must take Jekaran with her if he is to have any hope of being healed. But what will her xenophobic people do to her when she brings a group of humans to their secret city?

Existence itself is at stake in this enthralling conclusion to the epic story begun in The Lure of Fools. Finally, fate has brought her players to The Fork of Destiny’s Road, and there are only two paths; suffering and sacrifice, or the end of all things.

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