About Emma and the Silverbell Faeries

A druid’s work is never done… even if she’s ten years old.

With the Silk Thieves no longer a threat to Widowswood, Emma enjoys the solace of home and the peaceful routine of her chores. She is happy to be with her family, but still hasn’t quite forgiven herself for making them worry about her.

One afternoon, Neema, the Silverbell Faerie she freed from the wizard’s lantern, returns seeking her help. Her people are dying, and she’s convinced Emma can save them―in only a few minutes.

The plea proves hard to resist, and she soon discovers enraged animals have begun attacking the faeries for no apparent reason. Even though some Silverbells have perished, they are hesitant to kill the creatures. Their queen hopes Emma can find a way to save both animals and faeries alike.

Far from her family in a strange magical forest, Emma feels too small for the task set before her, but she cannot abandon the faeries to their fate, even if it means she may never find her way home.

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