About El Mosaico: The Road to Hellfire

Clayton Cane has lived with violence for all of his existence.

With a scarred face giving him the feared nickname, El Mosaico, Cane has crossed the country as a bounty hunter and left trails of dead behind him.

But Cane is more than just a hulking gunslinger - he’s a monster, assembled from the body parts of corpses stitched together and brought to life with black magic. As a bounty hunter, mercenary and soldier of fortune, he takes the weird jobs that bring him into contact with creatures and forces as strange as him, ranging from monstrous rats in a New York slum to bloodthirsty vampires in a secluded mountain pass.

But Cane has always longed for something different - an end to living from day to day and bullet to bullet.

And in the town of Hellfire, Texas, he just might find it. His only allies include a slippery snake oil salesman, a strong-willed schoolteacher and a brash Mexican bandito, while his foe is the very man who created him, years ago.

The battle for Hellfire - and for Clayton Cane - is about to begin.

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