About Death by Cliché

To Sartre, Hell was other people. To the game designer, Hell is the game.
Damico writes games for a living. When called in to rescue a local roleplaying game demo, Damico is shot in the head by a loony fan.
He awakens in a game. A game full of hackney’s tropes and clichéd plots. A game he was there to save, run by the man who murdered him just moments ago. A game that has just become world-swap fantasy. Damico, to his horror, has become the heart of the cliché.
Set on their quest in a scene that would make Ed Wood blush, Damico discovers a new wrinkle. As a game designer, he is a creative force in this broken place. His presence touches the two-dimensional inhabitants. First a peasant, then a barmaid, then his character’s own father…all come alive.
But the central question remains. Can Damico escape, or is he trapped in this nightmare? Forever.
Wait, what? This is a comedy?
Ignore all that. Death by Cliché is a heartwarming tale of catastrophic brain damage. Share it with someone you love. Or like. Or anyone at all. Buy the book.
Based on a true story.

We asked several respected authors and editors for quotes about the podcast audiobook Death by Cliché. These are some of their replies:
“Where are you taking me, and why can’t I open this door?”
-Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of Blood of the Cosmos.
“I totally didn’t just make up this quote without reading the book.”
-Dan Wells, Author of The Devils Only Friend
“I told Bob I would heartily recommend this book, and he said I could have Mister Whiskers back.”
-Dan Willis, Coauthor of Dragons of the Confederacy

Reviews for Death by Cliché

This started out as a fun and funny sendup of games, gaming and gamers, which isn't surprising given Defendi's background as a game writer. But, somewhere along the way the book became a lot more rewarding and entertaining than I expected.

The setup is that our hero, Damico, is shot by a deranged Game Master and finds his consciousness in a poorly designed table top game. Is our hero dead, and this is Hell? Is he in a coma and this is an extended dream sequence in which he will emerge from the coma if he can win the game? Who [...]

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