About Dead Man’s Number

Safety is at best a relative thing in 2073, fifty-one years after nuclear war scorched the world.

Kevin found a quiet little place to hole up with the woman who came to mean more to him than his lifelong dream, and a little girl she took in after the Virus wiped out her home. They’re well defended against bandits, raiders, and the occasional stray Infected.

But walls don’t face the sky, and all the guns in what’s left of the world won’t do a thing against a biological weapon dropped from an Enclave drone.

A message from a dead man disturbs his tenuous peace: a chance to stop the Virus for good, but it would send them right to the Enclave’s backyard. Tris can’t say no, and Kevin refuses to leave her side again, but they won’t bring a child along for such a dangerous ride.

Knowing it’s not just their lives, but the lives of everyone outside the Enclave at stake, they decide to hit the road once again, hoping their home―and their daughter―will be there when they return.

Reviews for Dead Man’s Number

Cox combines the tropes of post-apocalyptic action stories with the fundamentals of human character and the realities of engineering to create a tale that will satisfy both those who love Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome and those who were constantly niggled by who was processing all the crude oil into petrol to keep that society running.

This novel is the third volume in the Roadhouse Chronicles. Travelling beyond this point risks uncovering spoilers of The Time Before.

Kevin’s lifelong dream of running his own Roadhouse proved to mean nothing compared to keeping Tris and Abby, the girl she rescued, safe. Leaving his [...]

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