About Daughter of Ash

Designed to be the perfect assassin, Kate is as beautiful as she is deadly―everything she touches, burns.

The government attempted to engineer a pyrokinetic the likes of which the world had never seen, but their plans went awry. Her power to command fire as a living extension of her psyche was more than they had hoped for, except for one problem. Her skin is hot enough to destroy most materials on contact. Useless for infiltration, they declared the project a failure and slated her for disposal at the age of seven.

Years after escaping, she hides on the outskirts of society in the shadows of East City. A chance encounter brings her under the wing of a Syndicate underboss, El Tío. Kate kills without hesitation to earn the favor of the only person ever to show her kindness, but her happiness is as false as her holographic clothing.

An eerie figure interrupts her routine with a promise of an end to her curse, if she joins The Awakened―a group of psionics as powerful as she. To find them, she must travel thousands of miles across the country, but her uncontrollable ‘gift’ leaves her no option but to walk. Desperate for human contact, Kate throws herself into the Badlands, unconcerned with danger.

Cured or dead… Either way she wins.

Reviews for Daughter of Ash

The government wanted to create a pyrokinetic orders of magnitude more powerful than normal. They succeeded. Kate doesn’t merely create flames, fire is an extension of her body; a body hot enough to damage or even destroy almost everything she touches. Declaring the experiment a failure, they attempted to kill her. Instead she escaped to the criminal controlled outskirts of society. After many years using her powers to kill those who cross the Syndicate, she is resigned to a life of wearing only ceramic-shielded technology and holograms, and never feeling a loving touch. Until a powerful group of psionic revolutionaries [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(4/5 Stars)

Daughter of Ash (The Awakened #4) by Matthew S. Cox is a book that had me glued to the pages! Oh my goodness! I have the other books in the series, and read two of them but out of order but it didn't seem to make any difference. This book was so awesome! This gal has been engineered by the government and they thought of her as a mistake. So at the age of 7, they were going to kill her but that didn't happen, she made it out. She is lonely because she can't have body contact because she [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)