About Curiosity Quills: After Dark

Welcome to Curiosity Quills: Primetime’s steamier counterpart, Curiosity Quills: After Dark, where bestselling authors like A.W. Exley, Nathan L. Yocum, Jose Prendes, Jade Hart, and Gerilyn Marin come together to bring you hard-hitting, sexy, violent, and dark short stories to read when the sun has gone down and the kids are in bed.

Included Short Stories:

  • Mirror Amour - Jade Hart
    When a sex circus plants itself unapologetically in the middle of her busy life, a young microbiologist finds herself tumbling headlong into a night of unbridled sensuality that takes her straight to a fork in the road that will forever shred her comfy boring world.
  • Pop Star Fist Fight - Jose Prendes
    A handful of midgets. Two starlets. One shot at a title of the Queen of Pop. Fame Fucking Hurts.
  • Precious Blood - Gerilyn Marin
    Weary of her existence as a vampire, Annalese seeks the truth to a legend which says she may live again if she consumes the blood of a fallen angel. Misunderstandings, and a not necessarily willing Fallen One, bring about an unforeseen turn of events.
  • The Quark Machine - Nathan Yocum
    Professor Northwip invents an AI computer that can self-replicate on a nano-scale. His exploration of infinitely small realities is cut short when he suddenly wakes up naked on an island with no memories of how he got their. What perilous dangers has Professor Northwip unleashed? Who fears the true nature of the Quark Machine?
  • The Quarry - A W Exley
    Jema Johnson delivers a pounding in the court room, but it’s the pounding at the base of her skull draining her spirit and sanity, until a one night encounter in a club offers far more than a headache cure.
  • When Pigs Fly - A.E. Propher
    A mother writes a farewell letter to her adopted son before being shipped off to a concentration camp for those inflicted with HVV, Human Vampirism Virus

Reviews for Curiosity Quills: After Dark

That being said they were all wonderfully written and drew me in from the beginning. I don’t wish to give away too many details as with shorter anthologies I find it hard to offer detailed reviews from story to story I will just leave you again with the knowledge that they are fantastic authors and each story delivered. For review purposes

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)