About Cradle Rock

Welcome to the forest.

Rumors are spreading about beast origins, and it isn’t pretty. Once thought to be evil mythical creatures of folklore, humans turn out to be a real part of beast history, and horrifically, a part of beast beginnings. And this discovery of the truth is all thanks to Gabe, a goblin from Broken Branch Falls. He never set out to change the world, but change it, he has.

Now, Gabe and his girlfriend Ona are headed in opposite directions for Spring Break. Being a logical goblin, Gabe tries to talk her out of it, but there’s just no reasoning with a stubborn ogress, and Ona is determined to dig up evidence of humans.

But when Ona goes missing, Gabe and his friends fly to Cradle Rock to search for her and discover a village of trouble, igniting an age old war. Though his physical skills may be lacking, Gabe won’t give up. With the help of his friends, he will find a way to save his girl and maybe all beastkind. Humans, bah!

Reviews for Cradle Rock

This fun-filled adventure takes middle grade readers into a fantasy world packed with action and imagination.

Spring break has arrived, and Gabe's looking forward to hitting the beach with his best friend. Too bad his girlfriend, Ona, is off to Cradle Rock for hiking instead. When she disappears, Gabe and his friends take off to find her and discover much more than they bargained for.

This is the second book in the Beast World series but can be read--without too much difficulty--as a stand alone.

In this series, beasts are the norm. Gabe, a young teenage goblin, is as normal as any [...]

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I feel in love with the quirky group of characters in the first book where our hero a goblin named Gabe fought to keep his town of various beasts together. Now we are on to book two where did you know humans exist and various beasts are eager to discover them. Spring break is happening and what else do teens do but go out and attempt to have fun and of course havoc happen. A great adventure is to be had between the pages of this unique middle grade series.

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)