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Three years after discovering Poppel - the hidden village beneath New York City - and uncovering the truth behind the poem, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Maggie Ogden and Henry Livingston are once again reunited. The Foundling children are mysteriously vanishing from Poppel, and Maggie and Henry have been recruited to help in the search.

However, Maggie not only wonders if she’ll be able to get to the bottom of these disappearances, but she’s starting to doubt who she can trust - including Henry. But as Maggie gets closer to finding answers, the frightening creature, Krampus, also isn’t too far behind.

Over two centuries earlier, Lily leaves her sisters, Grace and Sarah, in hopes of regaining the immortality she had been forced to relinquish. Her journey takes her to the Kingdom of Hungary where she encounters the Countess of Cachtice and her son, Laszlo. Laszlo’s instantly enamored by Lily, but it soon becomes apparent that they both carry secrets, particularly one involving his mother, The Countess - Elizabeth Bathory - which not only threatens Lily’s quest for immortality - but also her life.

Although centuries and an ocean separate Maggie and Lily, their journeys are more intertwined than either of them will ever know.

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