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When fifteen-year-old Edna Mather tears an expensive and unfamiliar pocket watch off her little brother’s neck, he crumbles into a pile of cogs right before her eyes. Horrified, Edna flees for help, but encounters Ike, a thief who attempts to steal the watch before he realizes what it is: a device to power Coglings—clockwork changelings left in place of stolen children who have been forced to work in factories.

Desperate to rescue her brother, Edna sets off across the kingdom to the hags’ swamp, with Ike in tow. There, they learn Coglings are also replacing nobility so the hags can stage a rebellion and rule over humanity. Edna and Ike must stop the revolt, but the populace believes hags are helpful godmothers and healers. No one wants to believe a lowly servant and a thief, especially when Ike has secrets that label them both as traitors.

Together, Edna and Ike must make the kingdom trust them or stop the hags themselves, even if Ike is forced to embrace his dark heritage and Edna must surrender her family.

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Combining an epic quest, intriguing technology, and odd magics, with nuanced characters and complex societies, Jordan creates a steampunk fairytale that doesn’t rely on flash and veneer to carry the reader’s interest.

As a member of the lower class, fifteen-year-old Edna Mather considers herself lucky to have secured a job for her and her seven-year-old brother that doesn’t risk losing limbs to machinery. But when her brother collapses into a pile of gears, leaving only an ornate pocket watch behind, she discovers that the apparently merciful Hags are stealing children and replacing them with mechanical duplicates. With the nobles and the [...]

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Jordan Elizabeth has a way of depicting creepy scenes so wonderfully. She takes an idea, makes it her own and creates an entirely new world. This is a prime example, a tale full of hags [witches,] Nix, Ogres, and dragons! This isn’t your typical Steampunk.

Edna Mathers discovers something horrifying, her little brother has been replaced by a Cogling and she must find him. Hags have him and what they use him as well as other children happens to be equally eerie. They’re used in a factory to knit their dreams into powerful blessings and spells.

Along the way she finds an [...]

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This was a fun book to read and I enjoyed it very much! I don't know if it is a series or a standalone but I sure hope the author would continue with the characters and the story line.

One of the strong points of the story was the cast of characters. Everyone had something to add to the story and I didn't feel any character was superfluous. Edna came across as a brave but at times naive person. She did make up for her naivety [...]

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I thought this book was a really unique idea, even though steampunk is a genre I’ve seen quite a few times before.

It was good that I was given the opportunity to get to know Edna a bit before the action started. Because she clearly knew her brother so well, it was easy to see how Harrison was acting so strangely… though it was odd that Edna and Harrison’s mother didn’t seem to notice anything.

I didn’t really like Ike at first in the book, but as the storyline went on, he did grow on me. I enjoyed being able to see [...]

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