About Child of Nod

Alice wakes one day to find herself on the other side of death, in the corrupted fairy tale land of Nod. Unable to remember much of the events leading to her demise, she sets out on a journey to discover her memory and the reason for her presence in Nod. Unknown to her, the man responsible for her death, Jack, is on a mission to find her spirit and end her second life.

Alice takes flight, only to find herself drawn into the lives of those around her and the mystery permeating that place. From the humble streets of Elysium to the mirrored spires of Memoria, her journey takes her on a path that leads to a decision that will affect the fate of Nod.

Along the way, she meets a cast of characters that include a madman with a dark secret, her faithful companion, Dog, and woman made of memory. Together, they help her on her journey as she uncovers the truth of Nod and the woman behind it all, the Red Queen.

Reviews for Child of Nod

Swooning over the cover!! A proper stunner!! And that is what drew me into reading this along with the exciting blurb of a corrupted fairyland and the promise of some interesting characters! And the book is full of them!!

Alice is dead and finds herself in this fantasy nightmare world where very little makes sense! She is accompanied by a dog who she finds leads her on an adventure into trying to make sense of why she is in the world of Nod, and why memories of her life and past keep appearing in her mind. She also encounters a number [...]

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Basic Keywords and Intro:

The 1st book in The Balance series.
Nod is a corrupted fairy tale land.
A zombie version of Alice in Wonderland meets The Wizard of Oz meets TimBurton.
Third person Omniscient Narration + Multiple POV.
A spirit is being chased in what I would like to call “the in-between”.
Alice’s spirit doesn’t remember her past, or her even purpose in this peculiar land
There is a Murderer [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)


Afterlife books are my biggest weakness, as this post testifies. But CON is so much more than that. Building on a classic prompt - Lewis Carroll's Alice slipping into the alternate world of Wonderland - C.W. Snyder spins a dark, yet poetic tale about loss, pain, fear, courage, loyalty, violence and purity of heart. Alice - our Alice - travels in a rich, imaginative version of the afterlife, pursued by an unknown enemy and aided by a bunch of sometimes suspicious, sometimes charming, always quirky characters. This afterlife has lost its Balance and has been partly turned [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)