About Boldfinger

Damico made a terrible mistake. You see, he didn’t destroy the Eraser, the all-powerful Artifact that gives him the ultimate power of annihilation. Instead, he kept it, and every morning he wakes up and makes the conscious decision not to become the Dark God of Destruction. Worse, he lied to woman he loves about it. I don’t know how things work in your house, but that’s usually the sort of decision you make as a couple.

Months have passed and she hasn’t forgiven him. She doesn’t trust him. She barely recognizes him. He’s starting to fear she doesn’t love him anymore.

And the natives are restless. From the head of his Empire on the Comfy Throne™, he can see the High Lords plotting against him. They urge him to reinstate the tyrannies of the past. They insist that allowing kingdoms to secede peacefully, it shows weakness, and now rebels have risen against him. He empathizes with their plight, but if he lets them go, the High Lords will use this as an excuse to overthrow him, and if he puts them down, he becomes the monster he dreads.

Also, did we mention his kitten has turned out to be the prophesized Cat of Darkness, and that the High Lords just assassinated his only two allies on the council?
Who would have thought you’d be shot in the head, end up in the worse roleplaying game of all time, and things would go downhill from there?

Reviews for Boldfinger

Reading Boldfinger by Bob Defendi, Book 3 in the Death by Cliche books. Its got good insider jokes and a plotline that makes you want to keep reading. Doesn't feel quite as solid as the second one but if you like the series its definitely worth a read.

StarStarStarStarStar(4/5 Stars)