About Bleed Through

With his schizophrenia under control, life is looking up for twenty-five-year-old Liam Murphy. Independence looms on his horizon, and he’s under the care of a psychologist who understands him. Then he witnesses a murder at the yacht club. He worries it’s a hallucination and sign of regression, but soon becomes convinced that his meds have given him the paranormal ability to see past events and that the murder actually happened.

Attempting to make sense of his new talent, Liam finds an unlikely confidant in Mai Nguyen, a fellow college student and eternal optimist. Though she helps him navigate the unsettling memories threatening to engulf him, the emotional toll of learning terrible secrets he can’t prove pushes Liam to the brink of lucidity.

Desperate to wrest back control of his life, Liam tosses his pills. He spirals into a relapse and captures the killer’s attention as he bumbles through investigating the crime. Hunted by a possibly imaginary murderer, and haunted by self-doubt, Liam must distinguish between hallucinations and reality. If he doesn’t, he risks losing either his hard-won sanity or his life.

Reviews for Bleed Through

I reached the halfway point of this book and almost couldn’t finish it, and not for the reason you’d expect.

This book is excellently written, almost too well. Liam, the main character, suffers from schizophrenia in a way that few literary characters do: realistically.
When on medication, he can mostly differentiate between reality and hallucinations even though he knows that some of the delusions will be with him the rest of his life – like his belief that the neighbour has been replaced by a replicant who is watching his every move.

When medicated, Liam’s situation is more palatable but when he [...]

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I’m having a hard time figuring out how to review this book, mostly because the main focus of the book was Liam’s schizophrenia—not the paranormal and definitely not the romance that’s hinted at in the blurb—and how it affected him and his family, and I have zero experience with that which means I am in no place to say whether it was portrayed accurately. So I’m basing my rating/review on the assumption that this was a mostly accurate portrayal, and I’ll try my best to explain it.

One thing I can say is that the author included a lot of aspects [...]

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Twenty-five-year-old Liam Murphy has every reason to feel optimistic. Having suffered schizophrenia and the death of his father, he’s now under the care of a psychologist who seems to understand him. Feeling better, he’s enrolled in community college and is reconnecting with his mother and sister.

Then he witnesses a murder on the pier near his mother’s home. Or did he?

While unreliable narrators have been sweeping the literary landscape as of late, the technique often feels like a cheap trick. Not so here, as first-time novelist Arrington delivers a perfectly drawn protagonist that you can’t help but root for. Did Liam [...]

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