About A Dangerous Year

As the daughter of an American ambassador, seventeen-year-old Riley Collins has grown up in some of the world’s most dangerous cities. With her mother long dead, her unlikely surrogate mom - and her father’s security chief - is the hulking Benson. Tagging after him most of her life, she has learned Benson’s Rules for espionage, combat, and defense.
When Riley is caught up in a violent incident, her father’s current post in Pakistan is no longer safe for her. The State Department steps in, offering an all-expense paid senior year at Harrington Academy, one of the most elite boarding schools in Connecticut.
The catch: she must use her tactical skills to keep her eye on roommate Hayden Frasier, the daughter of a tech billionaire, whose new code-breaking spyware has the international intelligence community in an uproar.
Hayden is notorious for ditching her bodyguards, so Riley’s true purpose must be kept secret from the heiress. And if Riley’s State Department handler, Karen Jones, had done her job, Riley wouldn’t have been ambushed on her first day at Harrington with the news that Hayden’s former roommate, Rose Winters, has been killed in a tragic accident just weeks before.
Immersed in American materialism and social media for the first time, it’s culture shock for Riley, and there are some missteps, like when she’s photographed half-naked in the arms of Sam Hudson, Hayden’s ex-boyfriend; or when she foolishly ignores the warnings of Quinn Sheffield, the class’s would-be queen bee, to back off trying to befriend the resentful Hayden.
She succeeds in finding allies, including Von Alder, the cute class flirt, and Captain Grace Taylor, Harrington’s tough new head of security - and the sole keeper of Riley’s secret.
Disturbing signs begin to appear that Riley’s assignment wasn’t the walk in the park she’d been promised. She learns the death of Rose Winters might not have been an accident after all, and she spars with Quinn, whose attempts at social sabotage causes Riley to take drastic measures.
As Riley’s relationship with Hayden thaws into her first opportunity at true friendship, the danger around her roommate heats up. The girls barely escape death by high-speed chase, and it’s quickly followed by a midnight invasion of the school. Riley must fight for her life and Hayden’s - and the security of a nation - as those around her reveal themselves to be true friends, or the ultimate betrayers.

Reviews for A Dangerous Year

Yes, everything about this book is a yes! I loved this book so, so much and ended up blowing through it in a single afternoon. Ok so the premise is slightly unrealistic, with a untested girl assigned such an important task, but with that little bit of reality thrown out, this was just about perfect. The story had such a nice blend of basic teen life and top secret spy stuff mixed together to create a fast paced story that kept me highly entertained and on the edge of my seat.

Riley has never experienced what being a regular girl is [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)

Interweaving a fast-paced espionage thriller with a starting-at-a-new-school social comedy, Trester creates a gestalt plot that will appeal to more than fans of either genre.

The only child of an American ambassador, Riley Collins has spent most of her seventeen years moving from one dangerous capital city to another. And, with her mother long dead, the only other fixture in her life has been Benson, the head of her father’s security detail. Which has given her a grounding in all the skills of a spy. So, when she draws the attention of terrorists in Pakistan, accepting the US State Department’s offer [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)

This was one of those books that, when offered an advance copy for a review, I read the blurb and thought ‘interesting’, and the book lived to the hype.

The publication has been pushed back repeatedly, and that makes adding this to Amazon in a timely fashion difficult. Sad, as this is a great late-YA / New Adult beach-type book. It isn’t too in depth, too heavy, or too cliff-hanger-centric. What this book is is good – at every level.

The main character, as the cover shows, is one Riley Collins, daughter of the widower American Ambassador to Pakistan, who was raised [...]

StarStarStarStarStar(5/5 Stars)