overheard, booknerd problems, a to z blogging challenge,We all know that booknerds are of the mermaid, unicorn, supersaiyan, pirate variety, which tends to lead to some really intense debates, and some very, very strange topics. Here are some of my favorite ‘overheard’#Booknerdproblems recently!


The dark side of #Booknerdproblems: 

george rr martine, killing, meme, funny

“He really needs to stop murdering people. It’s unhealthy.”

“I can’t watch a movie tonight, I need to go drop a guy off a church roof.”

“But it’s hard not to kill everyone! Fictional characters are so breakable.”

“Why did you have to kill all the little fairies? You didn’t have to do that. But I’m glad you killed that mean guy.”

“You need to be willing to kill people. In FICTION I mean!”

“Why did you feel you needed to kill all those kids?”

“How do you make blood stick to paper”


The weird side of #Booknerdproblems:

fictophilia, book boyfriend

“Sometimes I have to decide between rent and new books, which is why I live with my mom”

“Androids make the best boyfriends because they have mechanical body parts. Do you really need another reason?”


“Thank you for reviewing my book about mermaids and sea creatures even though you have a crippling fear of underwater animals”

“I change my book husband more often than my underwear, let’s be honest”

“I spent a weekend youtubing how to take heroin, the high feeling, after effects, and street terms. All in the name of research for a small part in The Devil’s Flower”

“Just today I was trying to figure out how to run a search on photos of women’s torsos”


The ‘writers riding the struggle bus’ side of #Booknerdproblems:

writing, problems, writing meme, funny, anchor man

“Is it appropriate to run through the streets yelling and throwing bookmarks at people as a method of promoting my book”

“The writer life is essentially like shampoo instructions. You cry and procrastinate until you somehow have a manuscript, then you’re relieved. Then you need to start querrying, and are overwhelmed. Get an agent/publisher, relieved. Get your first edits back, overwhelmed. Repeat.”

“I want my new love interest to have blue eyes, but all of my male characters already have blue eyes!”

“I would rather iron my pants while on my body than write my book descriptions”

“What illegal thing should my character havein her apartment…Guns? Drugs? Guns made of drugs!”