Seven Great Relationships in YA

Love is in the air. With February being the month for Valentine’s Day. If you really think about Valentine’s Day young adult books are perfect for this holiday.

Whether you’re reading fiction, science fiction or fantasy in young adult books; one thing that is common is romance. It’s not YA without romance.

It’s something about the relationships in young adult books, that makes us feel connected to the characters. Despite the circumstances, we find ourselves rooting for the characters in the book.

If we must be honest we all laugh and cry while reading the books. Who didn’t shed a tear when Hazel and Augustus were in Amsterdam? How often did you root for Team Edward during the Bella, Edward and Jacob love triangle?

Bella and Edward (The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer)

There was no denying Bella and Edward’s love (even with Jacob causing ruckus in the background). It was probably because Edward was a 100 plus years, their relationship felt like a marriage even before they was married. To me to love so much to risk dying for your companion, was everything.

Hazel and Augustus (The Fault in Our Stars by John Green)

What I loved most about Hazel and Augustus relationship was that you were experiencing teenage love; not that both characters were dying from terminal cancer. You saw how teenagers act in love from waiting for your companion to text you back to their “okay” cute sayings. It was unreal how it captured teenage love.

Tris and Tobias (The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth)

I love the dynamic that Tris and Tobias share. Tris is the stubborn, strong-headed person in the relationship, while Tobias who is the complete opposite remains by her side (even when she lies to
him). Tobias provides Tris the support and guidance she needs and in return she protects him throughout everything.

Katniss and Peeta (The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzane Collins)

Their relationship started based off a lie as a method to survive The Hunger Games. Even though Katniss had her moments of unpleasantness there’s no denying her heart and Peeta was no denying his compassion as a person. I love the moment Katniss realizes this isn’t a lie, she actually loves Peeta.

Clary and Jase (The Moral Instrument Series by Cassandra Clare)

Clary and Jase relationship reminds of you of picking a flower he loves me he loves me not. At times it was frustrating watching them form their relationship. But you found yourself rooting for
them (even being disgusted with incest scare). No romance is easy when you’re a shawdowhunter.

Lara Jean and Peter (To All The Boys I’ve Love Trilogy by Jenny Han)

From day one you see how sincere Peter is. Lara Jean and Peter fake relationship was created to save her from humiliation for love letters she written her old crushes (including one to Peter). All it takes is time to get to know someone before you can suddenly fall in love. I love how in this trilogy you see that guys can get their heart broke too.

Violet and Finch  (All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven)

Both Violet and Finch was in a dark place at the time their relationship formed. I love how their relationship manage to help them face their personal issues. While every YA books gets their happily ever, these two didn’t unfortunately. We learn that romance isn’t the cure to everything, some things love can’t overcome.