About Rebecca Strong

Rebecca Strong’s first experience with the writing craft came at a tender age of three when she stuck a pen refill into an electric outlet. Sparks flew in more ways than one but didn’t ignite a full writing career until many years later when Rebecca discovered that putting words on a page beat all of her previous endeavors in terms of being fulfilling and agonizing at the same time.

Rebecca’s work has appeared in THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE WASHINGTON POST, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, THE JEWISH DAILY FORWARD, OZY, xoJANE, VELA MAGAZINE, and THE BILLFOLD, among others. When not writing, Rebecca paints and her paintings have been published in a variety of art and literary magazines.

Born in a nation that no longer exists, Rebecca grew up with the propaganda that travel abroad was detrimental to the masses. That is why she chooses to live in a different country every two to four years, Spain being her current home. She dwells in Madrid with her husband, her daughter, and her literary dog named Pushkin.

The trailer for Rebecca’s debut novel, WHO IS MR PLUTIN?, can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WCkG935otQ